What is a DBS / CRC / CRB? (7)

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Certificate is a document containing confidential criminal history information held by the police and government departments. This was formally referred to as a Criminal Record Check (CRC). It can be used by employers or voluntary organisations to make safer recruitment decisions. Disclosure information could include: • Details of criminal records such as convictions and cautions. • Information about a person’s inclusion on children’s or adults’ barred lists. • Other relevant information held by a local police force or government body. • A statement that there is no information held about an individual. The information included will depend on the type of disclosure applied for. Most checks in football are undertaken on those who work with children or adults at risk (AAR). An ‘Enhanced DBS Check contains all conviction information, spent and unspent, and any other non-conviction information considered to be relevant by the police or other government bodies. For more detailed information about Enhanced DBS Checks please visit www.gov.uk and search for ‘Disclosure and Barring Checks’. Barred lists refers to a list of people who are barred from working with children (replacing List 99, the POCA list and disqualification orders) and a list of people barred from working with adults.